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2014 Schedule Of Events

23-Sep-14 6:00pm Launch of Independence Independence Village
23 to 31-Oct-14 10 - 7:30pm National Visual Arts Exhibition Independence Village
24 to 25-Oct-14 Business Decorating Competition
26-Oct-14 4-8:00am Independence Marathon Yasco
26-Oct-14 4:00am Independence Thanksgiving Service Pentecostal House of Restoration
26-Oct-14 8:00pm Independence Fashion Show Independence Village - ADM
27-Oct-14 8:00pm Folk & Dance Presentation Independence Village
28-Oct-14 National Independence Lecture Series Independence Village
29-Oct-14 Schools Independence Programmes All Schools Antigua
29-Oct-14 9:00am Golden Memories Programme Independence Village
29-Oct-14 8:00pm Festival of Choirs Holy Family Cathedral
30-Oct-14 8:30am National Independence Youth Rally Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
30-Oct-14 8:30am Schools Panorama Competition YASCO – ADM
31-Oct-14 All Day Event National Dress Day
31-Oct-14 7:30pm Independence Celebration Concert Antigua Recreation Grounds
01-Nov-14 6am to 6pm National Market Day Public Market
01-Nov-14 Afternoon Red Hott T-Shirt Mas St. John’s
01-Nov-14 Afternoon National Sports Day Dredgers/Communities/ T.N. Kirnon
01-Nov-14 8:00pm Theatrical Presentation Cathedral Cultural Center
01-Nov-14 10am- 7pm Exhibition and Screening of Documentaries Independence Village
01-Nov-14 7pm- 9:30pm Cultural Show Independence Village
02-Nov-14 4:30pm- 12pm Sunrise Fete Blue Skies - ADM
02-Nov-14 5pm Caribbean Travelling Film Festival Launch Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
03-Nov-14 8am Ceremonial Parade Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
03-Nov-14 10am Independence Food Fair Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
03-Nov-14 12am - until Panache Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
03-Nov-14 12pm Caribbean Travelling Film Showcase Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
25-Oct-14 7:30pm Barbuda Culture Night Barbuda
26-Oct-14 4:00pm Independence Thanksgiving Service Barbuda
27-Oct-14 6:30pm Basketball Tournament Barbuda
28-Oct-14 Schools Independence Programmes Barbuda
29-Oct-14 4:00pm Home and Garden Show Barbuda
29-Oct-14 7:30pm Independence Banquet Barbuda
30-Oct-14 6:00pm Talent, Fashion and Hair Show Barbuda
01-Nov-14 8:00am Independence Flag Raising Ceremony Barbuda Holy Trinity School
02-Nov-14 4pm Horse Racing Barbuda
03-Nov-14 All Day Event Senior Citizen Show Barbuda
03-Nov-14 7am-9:30pm Fishing Tournament Barbuda